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Medical Fitness Training

Benefits of Personal Training

What to expect

    Improved Coordination
    Decreased Body Fat Stores
    Enhanced Immune System
    Decreased Total Cholesterol
    Reduction in Blood Pressure
    Strengthened Skeletal System
    Improved Cardiovascular Fitness
    Increased Energy, Stamina & Endurance
    Increased Muscle Strength, Endurance & Tone
    Decreased Clinical Symptoms of Depression
    Decreased Clinical Symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, Tension
Benefits of Personal Training - woman and man working out

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Diane Arnold - founder, trainer and consultant at LEAP Living LLC

Diane Arnold Founder | Trainer | Consultant


We are a medical fitness and health coaching company.

We believe that finding your health and well-being requires you to actively participate in a consistent manner by engaging your mind, body and spirit.
We are a ACE Certified Gold Medical Exercise Specialist, ACE Certified Health Coach, and a Exercise is Medicine Credential-1 provider.
Let us help you find your path to a healthier you with on-line training & virtual health coaching and more.

What Clients Say

Several years ago I found myself diabetic, overweight, with fibromyalgia and in chronic pain. That's when I put myself in Diane's very capable hands. Diane set up an online wellness coach program for me that helped me bring my weight under control & got my health back on track. Years later, the weight is still off, diabetes under control & I'm still sold on Diane!

Diane W.

Tallahassee, Florida

Leap Living's online wellness coach program is fantastic! I can workout from my home knowing I am supervised by a certified medical exercise specialist. Using only a few basic tools. It made recovery from my broken leg faster and got me back to a regular work out program sooner than my physician anticipated.

Pam M.


I highly recommend Leap Living’s online wellness coach thing. Like many people I have a busy schedule and really appreciate the convenience of not having to drive to the gym. Also I have been very impressed with Diane’s fitness knowledge & motivational ability.

Ryan A.

Seattle, Washington

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