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Real People.Real Results.

It Will Change Your Life!Ever been with a great group of people you really connect with, people who really put a smile on your face, positive people, people who take really care of themselves? I know where you can meet them three days a week for an hour and it will change your life. I know it changed mine! Group fitness training is a blast!

Kate L.Tallahassee, FLA

I Can Work Out From My Home!Leap Living's online wellness coach program is fantastic! I can workout from my home knowing I am supervised by a certified medical exercise specialist. Using only a few basic tools, it made recovery from my broken leg faster and got me back to a regular work out program sooner than my physician anticipated.

Pam M.Lenox, MA

Great Gains In All Areas!In working with LEAP Living, I have strengthened my body substantially. Diane (she does an online wellness coach program) and was able to modify exercises to my specific needs & in doing so I have seen great gains in all areas from my arms, legs and core to my general fitness level.

Rachel A.Tallahassee, FLA

Focused Stretching!
Diane performed a miracle for me. I had been experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain for a couple of months. During that time, I had seen a chiropractor twice and a massage therapist once, with no improvement. Then, during one of my classes with Diane, we focused on stretching for almost the entire session. That afternoon, my neck still hurt, but it felt different. The next day, the pain was gone; no neck pain and no shoulder pain! I remained pain free for two weeks, until I did something that stressed my body (trying to hold back an overly enthusiastic dog on a leash). Even then, after one online wellness coach session) with Diane, I felt good again.

Janis S.Tallahassee, FLA

The Weight is Still Off!
Several years ago I found myself diabetic, overweight, with fibromyalgia and in chronic pain. That's when I put myself in Diane's very capable hands. Diane set up an online wellness coach program for me that helped me bring my weight under control & got my health back on track. Years later, the weight is still off, diabetes under control & I'm still sold on Diane!

Libby W.Tallahassee, FLA

Very Impressed with Diane's Knowledge!
I highly recommend Leap Living’s online wellness coach thing. Like many people I have a busy schedule and really appreciate the convenience of not having to drive to the gym. Also I have been very impressed with Diane’s fitness knowledge & motivational ability.

Ryan A.Seattle, WA

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